Hello world!

Hello World!

My name is Wasin Waeosri. I am Thai amateur Photographer in Bangkok.


I love travel and love to capture the happy moment while traveling. I take a photo of almost everything, landscape, food, street, pet, people, etc.

This blog is focusing on my photography relate both serious work and hobby. I try to practice my English writing skill apart from my day to day work. So, I blogging this blog in English. I know my English is poor but I hope it will be better soon.

My internet name is “plynoi”. I decide to use “wasinphoto” as my name in this blog to focus on my photography work only.

More information about me:

  • I blog about my ordinary life in Thai at http://plynoi.exteen.com
  • You can see my photo at Flickr.
    My photo licenses
    • Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons
    • some photo is “None (All rights reserved)”
  • I always post photo at 2how website (off course, using plynoi name) .
  • I am working at News Agency as a IT support consultant in Thailand.

I hope you like my photo and enjoy traveling in my blog ^^.


About plynoi

If I can shoot rabbits, then I can shoot fascists..
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  1. patr says:

    Halloooooo my Friend

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