Jompon Cave – Ratchaburi

My family have a one day trip to Ratchaburi province of Thailand sine January of this year.

We went to Jompon Cave (Link is in Thai language), one of the most popular cave in Ratchaburi. In Thai , “Jompon” means “military officer rank Field Marshal“. King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V of Siam) has been visited this cave since 1940 and gave the name “Jompon” to this cave.

This cave also well know of monkey around the place. The monkey here is not tame but not too dangerous. You can take a picture with tele (zoom) len easy.

Monkey and my dad

Monkey sittup, relaxing their afternoon.

The monkey is panic when I getting too close. But it not harm me.

Most of cave in Thailand use local kids as a tour guide. You can pay in rate that you satisfy to suppot local kids education. Jompon cave is very huge and beatiful. The weather inside cave is a bit hot but you still easy to walk inside the cave.


I did not bring tripod with me. So, I used a floor lamp and non stalagmite stone as a tripod. I use iso 100 and self timer instead of shutter cable.

My mom blur because she is walking to next stage of the cave.

This cave has a Buddhist Shrine at the end of cave. The roof of cave where Statue of Buddha is standing has a big hole that the sun light can be shine to the cave.


The light between roof and Statue of Buddha are a big difference.


I took this picture with 15 seconds and f 8.0. The result is brigther than the real place.


This Jompon Cave is very easy to come and has a lot of thing to take a photo. Ratchburi is not too far from Bangkok.

If you want an easy going cave experience, I recommend this cave.


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