D80 at highest ISO

I used my Nikon D80 for 5 years. My dad brought it 2nd hand (by my money) and switch with my Nikon D50

D80 has a “normal” highest ISO capability at 1600 and I happy with this ISO 1600 for a long time (the cheap prime len with f 1.8 help me a lot).

Until last month, I have a trip to Chumphon sea. There is one moment in the night at the beach that I wondering about “What is the highest ISO of my D80 and what picture will look like?”.

This is H 1.0 from my D80 which is equal to ISO 3200


Compare to current modern DSLR, this is look terrible (please don’t compare it to Fullframe DSLR).

So, I did as I do before. Try to shoot at ISO 1600 only without care about image quality, just take a photo of moment.


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