Khao Takiab Huahin

Khao Takiab (link in Thai) is a mountain near Huahin, a popular vacation place in Prachuapkhirikhan province of Thailand.

Huahin is very popular because it not too far from Bangkok. It have a Travel place, beach, seafood, Boutique Hotel, Boutique pub and restaurant that BKK people love it (we call this chill chill). You can eat seafood then shoping and enjoy starbuck here.

Khao Takiab also have a long beach that every can swim or splash around.




There is a temple on foothil of Khao Takiab. This temple has a lot of monkey and cat. All cat are friendly and you can play with it. Monkey is not dangerous but please alway aware of it.

The giant Bhudda



Cat is very friendly, you can take a picture so close or touch it.

This beach also has a horse for rent, you can pay the money and ride a horse on the beach.


I have some busy thing to do at Supatra Resort. After I finished my task, I took a photo of Resort’s restaurant in twight light time.



So bad that I did not bring a mini tripod with me.


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