Cicada Market Huahin

Cicada Market is a very popular night market in Huahin. It is a night market which have a handmake, boutique stuff from young merchant (mostly teenage merchant). This place also have a food court, beer garden and art performance stage. This market has a unique style that match to Bangkok people compare to the tradition Huahin night market.


This is a second time that I come here. Most of stuff are for girl (which likely to come with her boy friend). So, you will see girl is picking/ bargening goods while her boy friend is waiting for take a night scene photo of his girl.



A photo of happy boy with his mom. Everybody are smiling with him.


A young merchant took a nap while waiting customer.

This market also has art gallery which is not allow to take a photo.


A coffee shop, test is not too bad but not good. The only reason of its popular is location and moment of market.


If I visit Huahin next time, I will go to the old night market instead.


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