Singapore’s Little India

I have went to Singapore’s Little India twice.
The first time with my friends in 2009 and second time with my family in 2010.

Little India street is very color full. You can see many ads, text and indian celebrity picture on the street.



While you walk down in the main road, you will see Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple which is the last temple on the road. This temple is the only one that allow you to take a photo inside (this is 2009 information). Please be respect to the people and priest inside the temple.



There are a lot of souvenir shops in little india, many shop are cheaper than shop at China town. You can enjoy to find the best price to get souvenir to your friend.


You can find Buddhists’s Guanyin bell here, in Little India.

The “Heavy Metal” Shirt along with Hindo Goddess Shirt.

One famous thing in Little India is India food. Some of my friend hates Indis food smell, but I like it!!!. I love to taste the real India food. So, I very enjoy ate India food on last year trip.




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