Wat Chanasongkram

Wat Chanasongkram is one of the oldest Buddhist temple in Bangkok. This temple has been built since Ayuthaya Kingdom Era. This temple has be restored and supported by Somdet Phra Bawornrajchao Maha Sura Singhanat (สมเด็จพระบวรราชเจ้ามหาสุรสิงหนาท, King Rama I’s younger brother). His monument is in the temple until now.



This temple is locate at the opposite of Khaosan Road are there are a lot of guest house/hostel behide the temple So, many tourist visit this temple in a day.

You can find a joss stick, candle, and flower for paying respect to the Buddha behide the monument of Somdet Phra Bawornrajchao Maha Sura Singhanat.




Like most Thai Budhist temple, there are a lot of antiques statue of Buddha inside temple’s ubosot. Buddhist can make merit, pray or do a meditation inside ubosot.





I and my mom came to this temple for offering dedicated to Buddhist monks as a merit.



There is a 200 years old Bothi tree behide the temple. We believe that bothi is a holy tree. So, we usually make a shrine of the Bothi guardian along with the tree.



This temple is a peaceful place among the crowd tourist place.


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