Sanam Luang Tour part 1

Last week I took my GF1 with 20/f1.7 pancake to walk and took a photo around Sanam Luang. First I walked to Wat Phra Kaew or many people know as Grand Palace

Tourist with the famous sign

Kid with his/her father

Classic vs modern photograph memory


But I wore a prohibit short. So I could not enter Wat Phra Kaew. I decided to walk around Sanam Luang instead.

Actually this sign is “No Parking”. But in Thailand, Law follow you!!.

A rowhouse opposite to Wat Phra Kaew has been repair to look “old style”.

In Bangkok, the bicycle lane is for peddle, not for bicycle.

Tourist looking for his next destination.

GF1 with 20/f1.7 did a good work for walking around and take a photo from it compact body and light weight.

The next entry I will show you the park near Sanam Luang.


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