Singapore Underwater World

I have a Singapore trip last year with my family. We went to Underwater World inside Sentosa. I have been here since I was a kid. This place still amazing to me.

Beautiful jellyfish

Man and fish.

This squid can change its color when people frighten it.

I use Panasonic Lumix GF1 with 20/f1.7. It work well under condition and low light in Underwater World even it produce a lot of noise.

Finding Nemo!!!!

The aqurium is very amazing, you can stay on slider or walk by yourself.



There are a lot of Shark here, I was excited when it came near or came accros my head.


Giant ray.

I also recored vdo of this aquarium with my GF1.

In Thailand, we have Siam Ocean World at Siam Paragon. It beautiful and amazing same as Singapore with a cheaper price. I would like to recommend to visite and see by your own eye ^^.


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