Chiang Saen #1

Chiang Saen is the northern part of Chiang Rai province of Thailand.

Chiang Saen is a distrinct that Thai, Lao and Myanmar are connect together via Mekong river.

I have arrived Chiang Saen at night. There is a lot of riverside local food with a nice view of Mekong river.

Singha Beer, Thailand’s classic beer.

Riverside food shop.

There is a lot of boat here, a merchant who sale goods of Thai, Lao and Myanmar. People from Lao and Myanmar will bring their goods to sale here and buy goods from Thai to back to sale in their country.




There is a sunday market every week at Chian Saen. Many people (Thai, Lao and Myanmar) cross river via this harbour. A lot of “life” sharing around in this market.


My friends at Chiang Saen Immigration checkpoint.

Many people take their kid to Chiang Saen too. The kid help carry goods, buying toy or snack.




Many ads here is in Myanmar or Lao language because they are a main customer too.


I will show another travel place in Chiang Saen next entry.


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  1. Khajochi says:

    I like the first pix

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