Ground Zero, 5 years ago

I have worked in United States 5 Years ago. I and my friend travelled to New York during the Thanksgiving day of 2006. That was the first time I went to New York city and the first time I saw Ground Zero with my eye.

The painting of memory of 9/11 days.

The first thing that I saw at Ground Zero are fence and construction site.




At first when I has been there, I feel nothing. But after I saw a picture and standing there for a while at Memorial exhibition, I can feel the sadness feeling is still there.




I did not remember the name of photographer but all photograph show the sadness, lost and spirit of people in the time of 9/11 tragedy. Many people lost, but many people share and give their help to victims.




The 9/11 attacks changed this world.



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One Response to Ground Zero, 5 years ago

  1. bankkung says:

    I’ve been in the state last year and came across the Ground Zero area. Such a sad to see place which have been great building collapsed and remain nothing but sadness.

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