Candidasa Beach, Bali

I had been travel to Bali during 4 to 8 July 2011 with my friend.

We slept at Sea Breeze resort in Candidasa Beach in the first night. This beach does not has a sand, just land/rock and then sea. But resort is very beautiful and cheap. All resort staff are kindly and helpful.

Welcome Drink, all resort/hotel in Bali give Welcome Drink to guest when they check in.

Our local guide is name Teddy. He is very funny and know a lot of Thai language. He can speak English fluently. He accept our plan that another guide said “Crazy” but he only said “a bit crazy”.

Our guide ^^.

The pool in resort is very beautiful, it face a sea and look very amazing.



Sun God shrine, every place in Bali has shrine to worship God or good spirit.

Tourist Boat.

My friend swimming in the pool.

Twilight time here is very amazing. I took a lot of photo.




My friend waiting a dinner.

I slept well and forgot to wake up to take a photo of sun rise. But my power is come back from the long travel day.



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