Sukawati Maket, Bali

Sukawati Market is one of the most famous market in Bali. This market has many things like Bali’s cloth, slippers, paintings, sculptures, decorative masks, etc. Mostly girl will love this market because it has everything for shopaholic.


All the price that merchant said can be bargain. All ask price are 50-150% over price. The merchant always say “the price is not final”, so you can bargain as much as you need.

I Love Bali slogan.

Inside market.

There is a hugh shrine in front of the market. There is a shrine in every place, every house in Bali. Our local guide said the shrine is for worship God and good spirit. It may be family temple for rich family too.

The sacrificial offering for good spirit and God are above the ground. while sacrificial offering for bad spirit lay door on the ground.


The only one rule for this market just only

If you not dare to bargain, just take a look, don’t buy.


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