Mother Temple of Besakih

Mother Temple of Besakih or Pura Besakih is locate at the top of Mount Agung of Bali. This temple is the most important, the largest and holiest temple of Bali.

You need to dress properly like traditional Balinese people in order to enter the temple like these photographs

Me and Traditional Bali style dress.

My friends.

This temple is locate at the top of mountain, so you need to walk up the hill to the temple, but weather here is very good, a bit cold. So, walk up the hill is not a problem.

Bali Dog.

Bali Dog 2.

Everybody are prepare for Galungan Ceremony Day tomorrow, they are crafting a long bamboo pole called ‘penjor’, is made to decorate the entrance to the family compound.

Famous Bali Mask.

Pura Besakih also well know among traveler about tricky local guide who add over charge for enter fee or let you in prohibit area. But we came with our guide, that problem not happen :D. But we are still cannot access the prayer area which allow only Hindu people only.




Actually, Pura Besakih are group of temples. The smallest at the lowest area are for lower class or poor people (or Varna in Hindu). The more high of temple is for higher class or people.

We can walk around these group of temples, some temple can be access just very near to temple entrance gate.



The top temple is not too high to walk (with a bit tired). Little local merchant will always follow you to sell a souvenir. The top temple have a dragon stair to entrance.




The path of walk down is also fun, a lot of things to take a photo and the sun is behind us. So, perfect for taking photograph.





A lot of traveler come to Pura Besakih. If you come in the day of any ceremony, you will see many Balinese come to Besakih and many traditional culture.



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