Bangkok Flooding

Today, the flooding is come near to my house.
I live in Bangsue district which all neighbor area like Bangkruai, Bang Phlat and Pracha Chuen Road are flooded.

On 30th Octoter, I survey around Rama VI Bridge. Bangkruai, Bangkruai and Bang Phlat districts across the bridge are all flood, the small car are not allow to pass. Only truck or pick up car can be pass the bridge.

All people who want to come across the bridge are wait at temporary service center for truck/pick up who help to get them in the car.


The water from Chao Phraya River overflow into the road under Rama VI Bridge.

Children play, they always have fun. I am jealous them.



Water is so high.


The water gate near Wat Soithong still fine, even the water level nearly reach to limit of border.

Walk on sand back border is not allow

But the dog can!!!

Residence near river affect from water level.



Take a picture of photographer :p

This house already drown.

The water will come to my house sooner then I expected.
I hope everyone will be fine from this flooding.


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